Interior possibilities

Relaxation house with a big bed? A background for grill parties with a minimalistic but a fully equiped kitchen? Spacious storing spaces thanks to them you will not be surprised with any things you want to store? There are a lot of possibilities how to equip your MiniHaus. We will compile you a mobile housing just for you.

MiniHaus Design

Colours will attract you on minihaus as first. You can of course choose the colours for the outside cladding and into the interior. Or will you let the maximum of sunshine in and the most of space will be made of glass? It is up to you only. MiniHaus provides his owner with a distinctive and minimalistic design and the light inside can easily make a space bigger at least optically.


Let’s start with a top part. You can have an “ordinary roof” or you can go up stairs to suntan on a sunbed, enjoy the sunshine and enjoy a view from the height. Or you can watch the skies through the roof. What about a shower with a roof made of glass? Have you ever had a bath under the stars?

You can also optimize the rest of your minihaus as much as you want. Every house is such an original and has its own “genius loci”, each of the houses offers you to live different.  We have to think about the area around the building, its cultural or historical herritage, that creates a spirit of the place when choosing a construction and design. We strive to put the outside surrounding with MiniHaus to its best.

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