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    What is MiniHaus about?

    MiniHaus is an energetically unassuming mobile modular structure, which offers a possibility to live just anywhere. You can build your MiniHaus in the garden, close to the river or lake or to the mountains. MiniHaus has been created for you in the situation when you want to create your place to stay due to your requests with the exact construction, function and maintenance and the market doesn’t offer a suitable solution.

    Everything has started with Mark and his dream about a stuning and variable garden house in a pouring sunshine. It hadn’t been possible to acquire such a house on the Czech market. The only solution left was to build such a house by Mark’s own way using his own power and resources. To get away from trivial container buildings and to tune the sunny mobile oasis for his parents was Mark’s main goal. With a cooperation of several specialists who join Mark in reaching his dream, the first house of this kind was born together with a MiniHaus company.

    We are a new ambitious company, which doesn’t want to manage with existing custom practice in the building business. We are coming to the market offering variable modular  constructions under the brand MiniHaus. We tune the mobile houses made to measure due to your image. There are lots of architects, builders, designers and other specialists with rich professional and life’s experience e. g. from a field of construction, renting, sales and project management in building industry in MIniHaus company. Consult your requests and needs with our specialists and get your own original modular house.

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